Introducing Selligent Data Studio PRO

A new dashboard & reporting solution for Selligent customers

Ben Burns
November 18, 2021

Brands Get Flexible, Centralized Reporting to Support Omnichannel Marketing at the Speed of the Customer

We are proud to announce the launch of Selligent Data Studio PRO (SDS PRO), a flexible dashboarding and reporting solution now available for Marigold Engage clients. This new feature allows marketing teams to build and share customized dashboards using standard data available within Selligent. By consolidating data to create a single view of the customer that is easy to analyze and activate, SDS PRO solves for several key marketer pain points.

“Selligent Data Studio PRO offers the next level in data analytics and insight generation. It allows us to freely explore our data without any limits, and it gives us better insights because we can easily drill through the data and analyze from different angles,” said Geoffrey Baudts, Ecommerce and Marketing Director at Cassis-Paprika.

Selligent Data Studio allows marketers to automate dashboard sharing, updating their stakeholders on a regular basis without creating any manual reports.

“Selligent Data Studio is the most advanced email marketing reporting and dashboarding solution I have seen in my 20 years of experience. The high degree of flexibility and ease of building custom reports, along with the range of options to connect with other data sources outside of Selligent is impressive,” said Jesse Price, Director of Ecommerce Marketing at Shoes For Crews, LLC. “This has enabled us to create email marketing reports for our unique B2B business that were not possible before.”

Marketers are turning away from the monolithic marketing mega-corps in favor of more nimble, flexible partnerships. At the same time, they are prioritizing customer data to future-proof the ability to create a unified omnichannel customer experience. The 2021 Merkle Customer Engagement Report shows that 88% of marketers are prioritizing data collection for their future marketing strategy.

Selligent gives marketers what they are looking for with a solution that empowers them to get more from their customer data. With SDS PRO, marketers have more transparent, agile reporting that can help them operate at the speed of the customer.

With SDS PRO marketers can:

The New Data Set interface allows marketing teams to integrate external data sources into SDS, providing the data needed to create a holistic overview of the impact of marketing on the commercial and customer funnel.

“Customers expect highly relevant experiences across channels, and to keep up, marketers need flexible tools that deliver rich insights, fast. Selligent Data Studio PRO makes it easy for marketers to customize reporting and dashboards, and dive deep into their data to make smarter marketing decisions,” said Desta Price, Chief Product Officer at Marigold, the parent company of Marigold Engage.