Extensibility: The Secret to Connected Customer Experiences

Eva Maria Schmidt
November 24, 2020

Consumers today expect brands and companies to provide a seamless, connected experience for them at every touchpoint, across all channels. In fact, 72% of internet users worldwide say they’re ready to change brands and service providers after a disconnected experience. When asked what a ‘disconnected experience’ means, consumers stated, “Failing to know my preferences across all the touchpoints I engage with”; and brands being “unable to provide access to information” in a timely manner.

They also expect to be treated as individuals at every turn. As our Selligent Global Connected Consumer survey revealed, a whopping 71% of consumers expect customer service to know their story right after first contact. 71% also believe that personalization is very important, while 51% would share personal data for more personalized customer experiences.

This puts a lot of pressure on brands, marketers, and their tech platforms, to deliver holistic experiences that place the individual customer at the very center across all touchpoints. And it’s even more challenging considering the amount of customer data available today. In 2020, the average consumer produces 1.7 megabytes of data – the equivalent of a high-resolution digital photograph – every single second. There is an unprecedented number of channels and touchpoints; personal data as well as account and transaction information trickles in via online and offline sales channels. Behavioral data also comes in via company websites and mobile apps. More data floods in via social channels, chat systems, messenger apps, and email – not to mention customer care interactions and product returns.

Controlling this data flow, connecting the rapidly growing number of digital touchpoints, and creating repositories of information for every individual customer is putting a premium on companies’ tech stacks. That’s why it’s imperative to have a marketing platform that can filter, analyze, and make customer data relevant and actionable in real-time. And that’s where marketing platform extensibility can make all the difference.

Extensibility is the potential to expand the impact of a digital marketing platform by adding more data sources and functional features. Platform extensibility can be achieved by connecting to other tools in the tech stack via APIs and connectors for data sharing and integrations. Technologies that are extensible at their core, like Marigold Engage, will easily connect to any other solution and combine data from various sources, to make that data actionable for users across an organization. An extensible marketing platform is the key to success when it comes to delivering meaningful, relevant, and connected customer experiences across all digital channels.

How are your marketing solutions solving the challenge of creating connected customer experiences? Check out this video to see an example of what an extensible platform means for a consumer in today’s world, to connect their experiences across channels.

To learn more about how an extensible marketing platform like Selligent can provide value for your brand, download our new brochure on extensibility, Why a Flexible Marketing Platform is Crucial to Your Success. You’ll learn how a flexible, hyper-connected platform can provide more value than ever before – both to marketers and consumers. From a marketer’s perspective, you’ll be able to anticipate the needs of consumers and easily facilitate the kind of integrated experiences your customers demand. For consumers, extensible marketing platforms create relevant, helpful, and connected omnichannel experiences that will help them find the product or service they are looking for more quickly and easily. That’s a win-win for everyone.