Eleven Rising Women Leaders Share Their Best Career Advice

Eva Maria Schmidt
May 11, 2020

International Women’s Day and Women’s Month may be over for 2020, but at Selligent, we continue to celebrate the incredible work that women on our team do day-to-day to support clients, partners, our business – and most importantly, each other.

According to research, 50-60 percent of promoted managers and executives fail or drop out within the first 18 months. While the reasons vary – from cultural fit, to lack of clarity of the role, to failure to build teamwork or find support internally – it’s a staggering data point that adds to the challenge that women already face in the workplace today.

Although the number of leaders making an impact continues to rise every day, women remain underrepresented in the technology industry. The reality is that reaching the top of the career ladder requires support and help from others. Every successful leader, entrepreneur and executive started from somewhere modest, and benefitted from the mentorship they received both early – and throughout their careers – and this is especially true for rising women leaders.

As we take a pause from all of the health crisis-related content and news we consume on a daily basis, here’s a video of some of our colleagues around the world, sharing some of the best career advice they have received.

With ongoing dialogue and support, we look forward to closing the diversity gap and continuing to empower women – and each other – in the workplace.

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