Deciphering Digital Marketing Jargon

Eva Maria Schmidt
July 23, 2020

We can all can use a little levity these days. The coronavirus has shut down in-person office meetings and water cooler talk for marketers across the globe for months. But as some of us slowly return to working in the office while others remain hunkered down, trying to stay productive in our home offices, one thing has remained immune to the ongoing crisis: marketing jargon.

Marketers have a certain way of talking – throwing around mixed metaphors and non sequiturs – and it has proven highly resilient. Even on video conferences and Slack chats, digital marketing teams are still crushing it. Still raising the bar. Still innovating best-of-breed initiatives with laser-focused thought leadership. And still leveraging value-added synergies across bleeding-edge supply chains.

Are you ready to enhance your virtual relationships with out-of-the-box jargon?

Great, because we used some of our pandemic time to circle back and reimagine our booklet, Marketing Jargon: An Insider’s Guide to Industry Phrases, originally published a few years ago. It’s the ultimate guide to talking the talk in a (chat) room full of marketing heads, replete with enlightening transcripts of what all that lingo really means, in actuality.

This new booklet is scaled up and re-engineered with value-added content. Fully optimized, this new edition promises to deliver even more engagement and humor per square inch. Here’s a sneak peek…

1. Crushing it with hip youngsters.

2. Boldly breaking down cross-departmental barriers.

When they say…

Eliminate Data Silos

They probably mean: We just introduced our IT team to our marketing department.

3. Elevating the game.

When they say…

Level up

They probably mean: We’re so far behind on this, but I’ll never admit that to you.

Stay ahead of the curve by downloading this newly updated booklet, presented as a Freemium feature (that means it’s free). Our marketing tribe may be physically dispersed for now, but our common language still prospers.

And please know that for omnichannel marketing and better customer experiences –without all the BS – you can always contact us.

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