Celebrating Excellence in Digital Marketing

Congratulations to our 2021 Selligent Award winners!

Ramses Bossuyt
December 14, 2021

We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2021 Selligent Awards, our annual global celebration of digital marketing excellence! Every day, we are inspired by our clients and our partners and proud of the creative, successful ways they use Marigold Engage to power their marketing programmes. That’s why we present The Selligent Awards every year, to recognise outstanding examples of strategy, innovation, creativity, execution, and performance from our clients and partners.

This year’s virtual ceremony was attended once again by marketers from around the world. Together, we honored the hard work our clients and partners have accomplished throughout the year, and the successful, creative campaigns they’ve developed and executed through the Selligent platform.

From a global pool of submissions, our independent panel of judges chose winners in four key categories this year:

Excellence in Consumer-First Marketing

Excellence in Omnichannel Interactive Marketing

Excellence in Martech Innovation

Excellence in Agile & Inclusive Marketing.

In addition, a Selligent Favorite emerged from an internal vote from the Selligent team, as well as six Public Vote Award winners, chosen by attendees of our Reconnect 2021 global events.

Before we get to our awards, we would like to take a moment to thank the members of the professional jury who judged this year’s nominees for the Selligent Awards. Every year, we assemble a team of independent jury members to review and evaluate all nominees in each category. This is a tremendous job and their work began months ago, as they went through all the many cases that were submitted to analyze each one, from the briefing to the challenge, the solutions utilized, and the results generated. Only because of their time and hard work are we able to celebrate the Selligent Awards today.

And now, here are the winners of our 2021 Selligent Awards:

Excellence in Consumer-First Marketing

Each of the nominees in this category delivered a marketing program that truly puts the consumer before the product in every way. These cases utilized engagement strategies based on integrity and empathy. The winners: 

Excellence in Omnichannel Interactive Marketing

Each of the nominees in this category leveraged at least two integrated channels, or a single channel other than email – but fully integrated with email (such as reactivity or  retargeting), to deliver an outstanding experience to their consumers. The winners:

Excellence in MarTech Innovation

These campaigns exhibited out-of-the-box thinking, showcasing true originality while using innovative marketing technology such as AI, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing. With this award, we recognise brands that are leading the market by being the first to test these new, innovative technologies in the interest of their marketing teams and/or consumers. The winners:

Excellence in Agile & Inclusive Marketing

The ongoing impact of the Covid pandemic has remained a challenge for all of us. With this category, we want to honor those marketers who demonstrated agility and inclusiveness in these difficult times, by quickly responding to the needs of their customers and communities. So many of our clients and partners turned this challenging situation into an opportunity to create a new level of engagement. The winners: 

Public Vote Winners

Those who were able to join us at Reconnect were asked for your votes in our Public Vote category. Congratulations to each of our winners from all six of our Reconnect sessions, as voted by you!

Selligent Favorite 

Not only did this campaign receive top marks from our panel of jurors, but after the global Selligent team voted on all submitted cases this year, this brand emerged as our Selligent Favorite, too. Kudos to Hema and their partner Springbok, for their unique, innovative activation campaign to virtually commemorate King’s Day during lockdown. This winning email campaign reached more than 30,000 unique participants, with 15,000 new opt-ins – and a less than 1% opt-out ratio. 

Congratulations once again to all our 2021 Selligent Awards winners and nominees! Each one has inspired us through their creative planning and strategic use of the Selligent platform, bringing their ideas to life and delivering truly transformative experiences and business value.

Thank you to our jury, our nominees, and to all of our clients and partners for your inspiring work throughout the year. You are truly all winners and we are grateful for every opportunity to work with you!

And remember: it’s not too early to start thinking about next year’s awards. We are already accepting submissions for the 2022 Selligent Awards, so consider your successful campaigns from 2021 and prepare to submit your favorite case to our independent jury. We would love to celebrate your achievements next year!  Click here to begin the process.