8 Key Stats for Media & Publishing Marketers

Eva Maria Schmidt
December 22, 2020

The global pandemic has accelerated digital transformation in the media publishing industry beyond expectations. Average media consumption is skyrocketing, and new content formats are enjoying significant growth, while traditional formats like newspaper continue to see decreasing revenues.

As consumers adapt to a changing world, media publishers must continue to transform digitally. Brands must prioritize digital technologies and processes, to satisfy consumer demand for engaging content – and to deliver personally relevant media experiences for every subscriber or visitor.

We created this infographic to offer a quick glance at some key statistics about consumer behavior and metrics for the media and publishing industries, to help marketers understand the current landscape, so they can retain subscribers, boost acquisition, and reduce churn. Click on the image to have a look or to download a copy. Then read on for some info on a more detailed trend report on the industry, also available for your free download.

We also just published a new trend report focused on the state of the media and publishing industries, as part of our popular “Trends at a Glance” series looking at different sectors. This one takes a look at digital marketing opportunities for publishers, offering statistics about the industry and where it’s heading, and actions publishers can take to reach new customers and retain subscribers in a world where consumer behavior is changing rapidly. Highlights include:

Download your free copy now, using the button below.

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