5 Tips for Improving Email Deliverability to Increase ROI

Danny O'Reilly
May 15, 2023

Regular visitors to our blog will know that we’re often exulting in the various tactics that one can employ to get your marketing emails opened, read, clicked and converted. And while this is an imperative facet for digital marketers, it’s of little consequence if your emails don’t get delivered in the first place.

Deliverability isn’t always revered as the most stimulating of topics, but the ability to deliver messages to the inbox of your prospects and customers is crucial, and it is equally as easy to describe as it is challenging to accomplish. Unfortunately, even the most carefully-crafted email marketing campaigns can find themselves consigned to the spam folder.

So here’s our tips for making sure your emails make it to their destination, and then you can get stuck into the science of subject line length, call-to-action placement, A/B testing and personalized content… we have great blogs on all of those things too.


5 tips for improving email deliverability to increase ROI


Clean up your contacts list
Suppress or even remove contacts who have never opened one of your marketing emails or have a low-quality contact score. The size of your database can be something of a vanity metric – it’s engagement that matters. You’re not going to lose anything by removing completely inactive accounts from your list.

Re-engage dormant customers
The key to any successful business is a low customer churn rate — happy customers equal increased profit margins. Win-back offers, or even new marketing campaigns such as sweepstakes containing a highly-targeted one-off value exchange might bring lapsed customers back into the fold. Segmenting by length of inactivity will help here too.

Make sure your IP is ready for big email send volume
IISPs expect a level of consistency in email sending, so if you’re gearing up to red-letter events like back-to-school or the holidays, you need to warm up email lists with smaller batches before increasing the volume. Sudden and large increases in email sends may result in some providers marking emails as spam.

Power email with zero-party data
Using zero-party data to power your email marketing — self-reported preference, behavioral and psychographic data — is the path to sending emails with high relevance to the consumer that they actually look forward to arriving in their inbox.

Send the right message, at the right time with Al & ML
There is a natural reluctance to add automation to the creative process, but AI tools are not going to replace employees anytime soon. By adding AI and ML to messaging efforts, marketers can efficiently scale and automate the offer selection and targeting process to serve-up more relevant content to the consumer.


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