5 Quick Steps to Upgrade Your Mobile Marketing and Never Lose Touch with Your Customers

Eva Maria Schmidt
December 3, 2020

The pandemic has created a socially distanced reality. Consumers have settled into working from home, learning from home, and even socializing from the safety of their home. And that’s not going to change anytime soon, as 86 percent of consumers intend to maintain social distancing measures such as contactless shopping even after the pandemic is over.

No wonder companies are stressed about losing touch with their customers.

Basically, an entire five years’ worth of change has unfolded in fast-forward since the pandemic landed last spring. Most notably, the shift into digital channels – especially mobile devices – has accelerated beyond expectations.

Global smartphone use has climbed by more than 70 percent since the start of the COVID-19 situation. Mostly because phones help facilitate new solutions such as contactless payments, curbside pick-up, and real-time notifications on delivery status. Practically overnight, these features have become the status quo for consumers who depend on smartphones to serve as their compass, command center, and safety blanket during trips into the outside world.

For companies looking to engage in relevant, personalized interactions in the new reality, we have created a new whitepaper: The 2021 Selligent Mobile Marketing Guide. Available for download now, it delivers surveys and statistics on the new consumer environment and the key role played by mobile channels. The whitepaper also provides success strategies for aligning your digital marketing tools for the new kind of mobile experiences consumers have come to demand.

TL/DR? Get started leveling up your mobile marketing right now!

OK, we get it: maybe you don’t have time to read an entire eBook right now. So download it and read it at your convenience. But here’s a quick-start guide to bring your digital customer engagement to the next level, mostly with tools already implemented in your mobile marketing tech stack, including customer data platforms, push and text messages and omnichannel journeys.

Get a boost now by following these 5 Steps to Upgrade Your Mobile Marketing and Never Lose Touch with Your Customers:

  1. Align your data architecture for a complete picture. Laser-focus your mobile reach by implementing data from consumer profiles. Drawing on sets such as purchase history, personal preferences, and current location allows marketers to serve real-time experiences with one-to-one personalization. So break down silos and make sure this data is available (and updated) in moments when it counts.
  2. Enlist AI capabilities to transform customer data into targeted engagement. The shift to mobile unlocks a wealth of consumer intelligence, including preference data blended with real-time behavior and location. Making sense of this data, marketing-specific AI-engines such as Marigold Recommendations analyze these individual data points. This allows for automated and powerful audience segmentation and personal relevance down to the individual consumer.
  3. Orchestrate seamless online and offline experiences. As consumers initiate transactions at home and visit physical storefronts to complete the process (or wait in their car for curbside delivery), companies need to create seamless experiences with an omnichannel perspective. In the parlance of marketing, it’s all about removing friction and offering convenience. This is where mobile channels punch well above their weight class, as they remove friction from logins, payments, check-outs, order management, and other useful features.
  4. Serve situation-specific relevance in real time. Mobile-optimized content is key in 2020, but dynamic content updated at the time of open is even better. This is key as consumers navigate a fast-changing outside world. To deliver this situational relevance at scale, engagement platforms such as Selligent allow you to set triggers in your customer experiences to display messages based on the user’s actions and current situation – thereby creating real-time marketing moments infused with relevance.
  5. Use opt-in to stay connected. The new normal has caused formation of brand-new habits, many of which revolve around mobile devices. Once your company has gained permission to market on smartphones, make it easy to choose your products and services by serving offers and discounts at opportune moments. Don’t over-message, and respect personal boundaries, keeping in mind that mobile reigns as the number one channel to touch consumer’s lives on a direct level.

There you have it! Now that smartphones are the lifeline to keep customers engaged in and out of their homes, follow these steps to get started on your new mobile-centric marketing journey. As 59 percent of adults now prefer to shop via mobile phone, remember that your company is always just a swipe away from landing that sale.

Ready to explore more? If you enjoyed this quick start guide, make sure to download the entire eBook The 2021 Selligent Mobile Marketing Guide for even more pro tips, industry statistics, and digital marketing strategies to stay connected to your audiences in this new reality.