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How to keep your login more secure? 2FA in Selligent Marketing Cloud

 As a Selligent Marketing Cloud Partner, we are regularly asked which security options are available within the platform. One of them is the extension of the login routine with an extra verification. In this blog I will tell you more about applying 2FA in Selligent.

What is 2FA?

2FA stands for Two Factor Authentication. This means that in addition to the regular login, an extra verification is required before you can log on to Selligent Marketing Cloud.

How does 2FA work within Selligent Marketing Cloud?

After correctly verifying your username and password, an SMS will be sent to the mobile number that is set up with your account. The code in the SMS must be entered in the login screen. After verification you will be logged in. If you do not use the code, it will expire after a few minutes. You will need to request a new code before you can log in.

How can I configure 2FA?

2FA must be activated by a Selligent support employee. Create a ticket in the Selligent Portal, or ask your service partner to do it for you. After activation, each first login will ask for the phone number of the user concerned.

Self-registration or pre-registration

Someone who has a username and password can provide a phone number to which the verification SMS will be sent. This can be an unacceptable .risk. It is therefore important to discuss with your security officer and/or legal in advance how to deal with this. Either you choose to register yourself, or you define the phone numbers in advance. In the latter case you can be sure that the SMS will be sent to the right phone number.

Can I reset 2FA for a user?

Yes, you can. Via the admin tool you can indicate that 2FA must be reset for a specific user. In that case a new code will be sent after login to the mobile number that is set with the account.

Can I disable 2FA for certain users?

No, 2FA applies to all users within Selligent Marketing Cloud.


This piece was written by one of our partners: John Eising (DHVVP)

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