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Selligent Cortex adds omnichannel product recommendations to increase conversions in cross-sell communications

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Selligent Cortex's AI & Machine Learning capabilities are a living, breathing part of the platform and available to help optimize every aspect of your brand’s marketing communications, from offers, to audiences and journeys.

Smart Content adds omnichannel product recommendation blocks into messaging, or even your website, to increase onsite conversions and cross-sell communications. While most product recommendation solutions are focused on either web and / or email channels, Selligent Cortex enables use in all channels so that offers provided are consistent, and use every engagement opportunity with the consumer to promote relevant offers.

Unlike the traditional one-size-fits-all approach to recommendations, Smart Content provides a white-box approach, enabling active human decisions to select the desired algorithm, or apply filtered business rules. It’s a solution that works with you, and for you, and not in isolation, giving you full visibility and control over the results.

Algorithms enable you to display recommendations based on personalization factors such as behavioral metrics (e.g. clicks, page views, carts, etc.) or even more statistical based approaches such as Popular, Trending or Top Performing products. For new visitors, fall-back options are also provided where there is a distinct lack of data available.

Filters enable you to include specific products within the recommendations; e.g., ones that contain an image are within a specific price range or product category. They can even filter specific color categories – which may be relevant to a season (e.g., red and gold at Christmas) or items that are included in your current sale. You can also filter out products within a product category range within which they may have recently purchased. Smart Content is available as a simple drag and drop component to add to your channel message using our easy to use content editor.

For more details visit our website or download our Product Sheet.

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