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Selligent Cortex pilots Smart Audiences to improve targeting and increase conversion rates

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Selligent Cortex pilots Smart Audiences to improve targeting and increase conversion rates

Selligent Cortex's AI & Machine Learning capabilities are a living, breathing part of the platform and available to help optimize every aspect of your brand’s marketing communications, from offers, to audiences and journeys.

Smart Audiences is a new feature within Selligent Cortex that allows you to narrow your audience to achieve higher-performance campaigns. Now, you can target only the individuals who will be most receptive to each specific message – individually personalizing to those who will find the content or offers interesting and relevant – while eliminating those not likely to be interested. It’s just one more way our AI-based offering helps you use consumer data more effectively to improve your marketing.

Smart Audiences works the opposite of Smart Blocks. With Smart Blocks you start with an audience, and work out the best offer for each individual usually in the form of highly personalized product recommendations. With Smart Audiences you start with the content or offer and determine the best audience to deliver the message to.

With the dynamic nature of marketing, it’s not always just about the recommendations you can spin-up, it’s also about identifying the right targets for specific offers. The approach of using Smart Audiences is especially useful for brands pushing products that are nearing their end of line, or for seasonal offers where specific categories or product lines are being offered.

This approach will drive higher engagement and conversion rates, as well as remove the need for marketers to lean on data scientists and analysts to perform advanced analysis to determine appropriate audiences for their marketing communications. By combining other Selligent Cortex features such as Smart Blocks and Send-Time Optimization with Smart Audiences, brands can truly optimize their marketing communications. For more details on Selligent Cortex, click here.

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