Selligent Marketing Cloud “Custom Events” Feature

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One of the most challenging types of journeys for marketers to define is those that are driven by real-time events data. They are complex to set up in nature and often require coding or bespoke development to support. This is no longer the case within Selligent Marketing Cloud, as we have introduced a new feature called Custom Events, to simplify the process for marketers.

Custom Events is a powerful feature enabling support for event-triggered journeys, from real-time events such as:

  • abandoned carts
  • customer purchases
  • voucher redemptions
  • in-store visits
  • anniversary triggers
  • and much, much more. 

Defined by the marketer using a number of methods, Custom Events values can be input manually, via API, or a range of methods supported through Selligent Marketing Cloud.

They can then be used as an entry point to starting a journey, segmentation and filtering using our constraint editor; or for rich personalization of messages sent as a result of journeys triggered via this method across email, SMS and mobile push channels.


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