Cadence Management

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Precisely control marketing pressure across all marketing channels to deliver precision marketing at scale

In the world of online communication, consumers are often swamped by the number of messages they receive through different marketing channels. This can cause fatigue, whereby consumers no longer listen to your brand marketing efforts and engagement declines to the point they no longer see the value and hence, unsubscribe from communications completely.

The challenge marketers face is striking the right communication balance in a world of omnichannel messaging and complex multi-touch customer lifecycle marketing strategies.

Selligent’s Cadence Management enables marketers to precisely control marketing pressure to ensure brands engage consumers with both precision and relevance. Whilst most competitive solutions are focused on simple frequency caps for email only, Selligent’s Cadence Management enables marketers to create flexible Cadence Plans whereby they set rules for all marketing channels, defining touches by a period of time alongside priorities across customer journeys, messages and offers.

More than just finding the optimal frequency for your outgoing messages, our sophisticated Cadence Management also factors in engagement, feedback, and consumer behavior to personalize cadence for and also manage any clashes or conflicts across your lifecycle marketing journeys.  That leaves marketers to focus on creating compelling content through our advanced personalization capabilities to deliver highly relevant experiences, which in the post-pandemic world is more important than ever to gain consumer trust.

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