Ulabox and Selligent seeking excellence in B2C communication

Ulabox, the leading 100% online Spanish supermarket, has reinvented the way people shop, offering its customers maximum quality in terms of services and premium brand products, purchased from its website or via an iPhone or Android application.
One of Ulabox's main priorities is technological innovation, enabling it to manage a mass consumer goods sales and distribution system in a scalable, efficient way. The challenge in developing a dedicated platform resides in the need for performance in order to adapt to the size of operations, and the need for flexibility to meet customers and brands' expectations.
Eager to improve the creativity of marketing campaigns, customer intelligence and innovation, Ulabox relies on Selligent Interactive Marketing in order to enhance customer communication and increase customer loyalty.
The functionality offered by Selligent enables marketers to design campaigns without having to worry about the more technological aspects, and also to listen to and analyze their customers' behavior. This guarantees high-quality communication with customers, as messages can be targeted to match their individual interests.
According to David Baratech, Marketing Director and co-founder of Ulabox: "Selligent allows us to personalize our customer communication and to automate behavior-based campaigns. This makes a real difference as our customers feel that we are adapting to their needs and cycles. And, most importantly, without spamming them with non-relevant messages. We also gain in autonomy and efficiency by reducing the time spent in creating, preparing and following up campaigns for each customer segment."
Thanks to the implementation of Selligent, Ulabox can devise ad-hoc campaigns, selecting in each case the most suitable message for each type of customer, using specific criteria. By implementing behavior-based campaigns, the company hopes to increase customer loyalty and repeat purchases.
Selligent is a leading vendor of interactive marketing solutions, offering brands and marketing departments a 4-in-1 BtoC relationship marketing solution which improves customer engagement and increases customer loyalty. To meet this objective, Selligent bridges the gap between digital marketing and relationship marketing.

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