StrongView Defines "Customer Context" in New Contextual Marketing eBook

(REDWOOD CITY, CA), FEBRUARY 10, 2015 – StrongView, a leading provider of email marketing and cross-channel marketing solutions for enterprises, today announced a new contextual marketing eBook titled "Context Changes Everything." This free resource introduces a clear and detailed definition of "customer context" and how it can serve as a foundation for delivering customer value.


Contextual marketing has quickly become a buzz word in digital marketing, but the industry has lacked a detailed explanation of what it means and how it can be applied to new and existing programs. This eBook lays out a framework for understanding customer context and the four principle types of data that inform it. Next, it explains why a contextual understanding of consumers is critical for delivering customer-centric experiences, building stronger relationships and increasing lifetime value.


Download this new eBook to learn how to transform your programs and deliver greater value by understanding each customer's context in real-time.   

eBook Title: "Context Changes Everything: A New Foundation for Delivering Customer Value"


Key Topics:

  • The various factors that define a customer's context
  • How customer context creates opportunities for marketers
  • Why today’s consumer landscape demands a contextual approach
  • Examples of contextual marketing across multiple industries


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