StrongView Brings Contextual Marketing to Life with New Message Studio Release

(REDWOOD CITY, CA), MAY 13, 2015 – StrongView, a leading provider of contextual marketing solutions, today announced Message Studio® 9.0, the latest release of its enterprise-grade, email and cross-channel campaign management platform. StrongView's new LiveContent™ tool breaks down the barriers to contextual marketing by providing marketers with a fully integrated open-time personalization solution and industry-first, all-inclusive pricing that enables its ubiquitous use without incremental cost. Additionally, Message Studio now leverages geo-fencing and iBeacon location data to trigger messages across channels.

StrongView LiveContent
Personalizing messages as they are sent often leads to expired offers, depleted inventory, and out-of-date promotions, all of which negatively impact the customer experience. Focusing on time of send also leads marketers to focus on their brand’s promotional calendar rather than the consumer’s situation, ignoring critical contextual data points like the consumer's location, device, or ambient weather. Personalizing messages while a consumer interacts with the brand solves these challenges, yielding better engagement and marketing performance. But, for all its power, open-time personalization has historically been expensive and cumbersome to implement. As a result, few marketers have been able to leverage open-time personalization in their messages, and those that do have done so only for special occasion messages.

StrongView's LiveContent tool eliminates these challenges, providing marketers with an easy, integrated, and cost-effective way to ensure that every message opened is contextually relevant across a wide variety of considerations: location, weather, device type, time of day, product/sale availability, and more. Displaying real-time content within the body of a message also enables advanced engagement techniques like count-down clocks, video-in-email, deep linking, image testing, live social feeds, and maps to nearby locations. And because LiveContent is fully integrated within Message Studio, there are no additional steps or resources required to access and manage a separate system.

“StrongView's new LiveContent tool changes the way we engage with our guests,” said Sudhir Bhaskar, Manager of Email Marketing, CRM Campaigns/Transactions, at InterContinental Hotels Group. “StrongView has made it easy for us to personalize a wide variety of messages from promotional flash sales to reservation confirmations. The added contextual relevance has yielded terrific improvements in customer engagement and purchase behavior.”

Location-Based Triggers
In addition to LiveContent, StrongView has extended Message Studio's contextual marketing capabilities with expanded location-based triggers. Marketers can now use Message Studio to create multi-step lifecycle marketing campaigns that leverage location-based geo-fencing and iBeacon technology to trigger messages across email, SMS, MMS, Push, In-App Messaging and other digital channels.

“Our goal is to help brands deliver more value to their customers through better experiences, resulting in deeper loyalty and increased revenue,” said Bill Wagner, CEO of StrongView. “Using customer context is better marketing, plain and simple. Our passion is to make our clients better marketers by giving them the most effective tools on the market to advance their business and gain competitive advantage. We are defining the future of email and cross-channel marketing, and more importantly, we are delivering it, as demonstrated today.”
StrongView LiveContent Capabilities

  • Nearest Store – Automatically show the nearest stores on a map based on location of the user at time of open;
  • Weather Aware – Display live forecasts or automatically select relevant images based on weather at time and location of open;
  • Device Optimizer – Change content based on the display capabilities of the device used at time of open; 
  • Countdown Clock – Display and count down time to the end or beginning of a sales event or product reveal; 
  • Web-to-Email – Pull content directly from a website into email at time of open (e.g., new products, latest news, offers, stock info, social feeds, and more);
  • Image Optimizer – Test multiple images and automatically optimize which ones are displayed based on the highest converting images;
  • Image Personalization – Personalize images by overlaying a recipient's name or other dynamic attribute;
  • Video-in-Email – Optimize video playback based on capabilities of each inbox provider, including direct playback within the message;
  • Social Feed – Stream your latest Twitter, Facebook, and Instragram posts at time of open. 



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