StrongView Announces Enhanced Email Deliverability and Optimization Solutions

(REDWOOD CITY, CA), SEPTEMBER 17, 2015 – StrongView, a leading provider of contextual marketing solutions, today announced a new suite of email deliverability tools and services that leverage Return Path's proven solutions for inbox preview, delivery, monitoring, and optimization. StrongView's enhanced StrongDelivery Services package combines these new tools with hands-on deliverability management from its team of in-house experts.  As the first authorized reseller of Return Path's Certification program, StrongView also offers an easy way for its clients to sign up and quickly reap the rewards of higher inbox placement rates.

"With email as a core driver of effective cross-channel marketing campaigns, getting to the inbox is essential for maximizing program performance," said Dave Cormier, Vice President of Product Marketing at StrongView. "StrongView's new deliverability tools and services are solving a core problem for marketers, which allows them to spend more time on strategies and tactics for making their messages more contextually relevant."

StrongView Deliverability Solutions
With StrongView's StrongDelivery Services, marketers can take advantage of full-service email deliverability management, while also leveraging the Return Path-powered StrongDelivery Tools to monitor, preview, and optimize inbox delivery. With StrongDelivery Services, StrongView's in-house deliverability experts continually monitor inbox placement and help resolve issues with ISPs as they arise. For brands that manage email deliverability in-house, StrongView's StrongDelivery Tools are also available as a standalone, self-service solution.

"With StrongView's StrongDelivery Tools, we are able to quickly address deliverability problems as they happen – and also optimize messages for the biggest impact," said David Palms, Business Analyst at From You Flowers.  "StrongView has been a valuable partner in helping us get our messages to the inbox with an engaging message that renders properly across devices - which is absolutely critical to the success of From You Flowers' campaigns."

First Authorized Return Path Certification Reseller
StrongView is the first authorized reseller of Return Path's Certification program, which identifies members as safe and reputable senders with top ISPs and other mailbox providers. Best in class senders that qualify for Return Path Certification receive preferential inbox placement, along with many other benefits including images and links that are auto-enabled at Microsoft. With 2.5 billion global inboxes covered, Return Path’s Certification program is the most extensive network in the world.

StrongDelivery Tools Solution Overview
StrongDelivery Tools consists of the following solutions:

  • Inbox Monitor offers actionable intelligence on where a brand's email is placed at major ISPs and corporate domains. Extremely accurate and easy to use, this tool leverages a proprietary consumer data stream as well as placement at real mailboxes to monitor inbox placement and provide corrective advice. Inbox Monitor includes Inbox Optimizer, which uses live consumer data to help diagnose real-time filtering issues at specific ISPs, such as Gmail, Yahoo, and
  • Inbox Preview enables brands to drive the highest levels of engagement and ROI from their campaigns by ensuring that email content displays properly in every desktop, webmail, and mobile email environment. Marketers can quickly identify and fix content issues that will affect inbox placement and automatically test URLs to identify broken links before deployment.
  • Reputation Monitor calculates a brand's sender reputation and Sender Score by evaluating campaigns against more than 60 filtering variables commonly used by mailbox providers. By maintaining a good sender reputation, brands can maximize email response rates and ROI.




About StrongView
StrongView helps brands understand, engage, and deliver value to consumers. Recognized as a leading provider of email and cross-channel marketing solutions, StrongView is reinventing customer relationship marketing through customer context. Our contextual marketing solutions enable brands to recognize and act on consumers' fast changing circumstances before, during, and after each moment of engagement.

Based in Redwood City, CA and backed by leading investors, StrongView seeks to challenge traditional marketing approaches and enable customer context as a new foundation for delivering value. 

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