StrongView and Altimeter Group Publish "Contextual Marketing and the New Marketing Contract"

(REDWOOD CITY, CA), APRIL 28, 2015 - StrongView, a leading provider of contextual marketing solutions, today announced the availability of a study it commissioned with Altimeter Group titled "Contextual Marketing and the New Marketing Contract." Authored by best-selling author and Altimeter principal analyst Brian Solis, this newly released thought leadership report explores the market conditions, consumer behaviors and emerging technologies that are enabling brands to better engage customers with contextually relevant messages.
Today's consumers are more empowered than any other generation to engage with brands on their own terms. Not only that, they have higher expectations for the customer experiences delivered by their favorite brands. In order to maintain engagement with this new breed of connected consumer, brands need to leverage real-time contextual data to better understand, engage and deliver value at the moment of interaction.

"Digital marketing is at a cross-roads, and it’s the brands that understand the role of context in delivering customer value that will excel in this new era of connectivity," said Brian Solis, principal analyst at Altimeter Group. "With all the data streams available today and technology to understand and act on it, marketers have no excuse for keeping up with the status quo. And, they need to because connected customers expect a new marketing contract."

Download this new Altimeter study to gain new insights for understanding the role that context plays in building meaningful and lasting relationships with customers.


The study addresses the following topics:

  • Why today’s connected consumers expect inspired brand engagements
  • How technology plus empathy create contextually relevant communications
  • Step-by-step breakdown of real-world contextual brand engagements that work


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