Selligent White Paper for Marketers - Influencing Brand Preference

Engage consumers across all channels to deliver positive ROI.

(NEW YORK & BRUSSELS), BUSINESS WIRE--SELLIGENT, the international marketing automation provider, has published a free white paper, Influencing Brand Preference, that examines how to engage consumers in meaningful conversations across all channels to deliver positive ROI. As the paper demonstrates, sustainable success results when brands achieve a deep understanding of shopper needs, behaviors and preferences.

“Brand preference is built by listening to consumers and addressing both their immediate and long term needs,” said Nick Worth, Selligent’s chief marketing officer. “With those insights now available, marketers can go beyond our old goal of delivering the right message at the right time through preferred channels. Now, they can leverage insights to inform and inspire consumer action. Marketers and consumers are on a new journey together; our goal with this white paper is to help make that a mutually profitable trip.”

Influencing Brand Preference shows how connecting with consumers on a personal level and helping them successfully address a need is the root driver of brand preference -- presenting brands with the opportunity to influence the decisions and actions of shoppers.

Illustrating points with examples and a case study, the white paper looks at key elements of success:

  • The Three Legged Stool of Influencing Brand Preference: understand the consumer, decipher intent and enable the purchase journey.
  • Achieving True Customer Insight
  • Deciphering Intent
  • Influencing Shopper Behavior
  • Converting Influence Into Action

“Today’s consumers are in control,” continued Worth. “They define a meaningful brand experience according to their needs and preferences, then decide if a brand is trustworthy. If marketers want to make the cut, they need to recognize that this empowerment has forever changed the rules of brand engagement.”

Learn how marketers can establish a trusted relationship with consumers looking for information and purchase recommendations. Download and read Selligents’s Influencing Brand Preference at


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