Selligent Marketing Cloud Launches Digital Maturity Calculator to Help Brands Measure and Understand Digital Marketing Health

Online Audit Evaluates Strategy Effectiveness to Provide Brands with Practical Recommendations

SAN JOSE, Calif. – March 28, 2019 – Global B2C marketing automation company Selligent Marketing Cloud today announced the availability of its Digital Maturity Calculator, an easy, online audit that any brand can request to assess its digital marketing health. This tool measures a brand’s consumer understanding, challenges, and needs by exploring its digital experience from the consumers’ perspective.

The free audit explores and scores a brand’s competencies across different areas to judge the health of its digital marketing strategies, including consumer understanding, predictive marketing capabilities, journey execution, and personalization. The assessment will surface programs where a brand may have scored low and provide recommendations on areas in need of attention and improvement.

“We have a consumer-first marketing operating philosophy as a company. Marketers understand that putting the consumers first is important but what does that really mean when it comes to tactical execution?” said Troy Smith, VP Client Success, North America at Selligent Marketing Cloud. “That’s where the idea for this assessment came from and why it’s so important to us. It gives our clients the roadmap they need to actually take the concept of being consumer-first and turn it into something actionable.”

A seasoned SaaS leader, Troy Smith joined Selligent Marketing Cloud in 2018, bringing over two decades of experience in global client strategy, creative solutions development, sales, and digital marketing consulting. His team at Selligent is responsible for the growth and satisfaction of clients in North America, working closely with them on projects, including Digital Maturity assessments, whenever applicable.  

“Digital marketers are functioning at both high volume and speed that makes it a challenge to find time to assess true campaign effectiveness beyond a few KPIs that don’t accurately reflect a brand’s overall marketing program,” said John Hernandez, CEO of Selligent Marketing Cloud. “We’re excited to deliver something that gives our clients the ability to judge their effectiveness and pivot tactics in real-time to ensure success across digital marketing efforts.”

In the assessment, Selligent Marketing Cloud produces a report with recommendations for brands to take away to help improve the overall customer journey upon completing a short online questionnaire. A more in-depth, Digital Maturity assessment is available to Selligent Marketing Cloud clients. For more information, listen to this podcast and visit


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