Selligent Expands to US, Sponsoring Major Industry Events in New York and Chicago

(BRUSSELS, BELGIUM), JUNE 7, 2013 - Selligent - an international vendor of digital marketing automation solutions - is expanding to the US. The company has a very strong market presence in Europe, serving over 400 brands in 11 countries, and is now establishing its US activities. To reach out to CMOs and marketing agencies, Selligent is lead sponsorship of the IMW conference in New York (Integrated Marketing Week: June 10-13).
André Lejeune, CEO of Selligent, comments: "We are very excited about our US activities. Our growth in Europe has always been driven by great partnerships with marketing agencies and MSP's. Bright people using great tools produce amazing results for brands. In our speaking sessions at IMW we will evidence that. The IMW conference is the perfect place for us to reach out to the US agency and MSP community. Meetings are planned, and we are looking forward to these conversations, showing what sets Selligent apart."
IMW2013 is expecting over 3,000 attendees and is regarded as the leading US event for cross-channel marketers, looking to learn and integrate online and offline marketing data, campaigns and technologies.
Selligent will showcase its 4-in-1 cloud solution for cross-channel campaign management and together with its partners, Emakina and 2organize, will actively participate in the conference program:

  • June 11, 11.00: The Audi A3 Love story, a white paper live session by Sammy Colson, Manager, Emakina/Direct
  • June 11, 11.50: MENG Panel - Marketing Integration or Disintegration
  • June 11, 13.15: The three new imperatives of marketing automation: More integration, simplification and agency collaboration, a keynote session by Jan Teerlinck, VP Product Marketing and International Business Development of Selligent
  • June 12, 11.00: Optimizing customer experience across channels to boost online sales, a white paper live session by Jan Teerlinck, VP Product Marketing and International Business Development of Selligent
  • June 12, 14.10: Turning Leads Into Sales - Multichannel lead nurturing strategies that work for B-to-B and B-to-C marketers
  • June 13, 9.55: Marketing Leaders Panel - Optimizing for Omni-channel Marketing
  • June 13, 11.00: Kruidvat Loyalty program, a multichannel success story, a white paper live session by Monique Feitsma, Client Service Director of 2organize

DMA 2013: Save the date!
Selligent will also be platinum sponsor of DMA2013, the DMA annual international conference which will take place from October 13 to 15 in Chicago.

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