Selligent announces record growth for its interactive marketing business in 2012

(BRUSSELS, BELGIUM), MARCH 25, 2013 - Selligent, an international vendor of digital marketing campaign management solutions, announced record growth for its interactive marketing business in 2012, with an increase of 53% in sales of relationship marketing software over the previous year. This performance is proof that the 4-in-1 relationship marketing solution developed by Selligent perfectly addresses the main challenges facing businesses today: how to group information to obtain a single view of the consumer and link up the various interaction channels to offer a highly personalized brand experience.
Selligent's growth in interactive marketing was accompanied in 2012 by the signing of 45 new customer contracts. "These results show that our strategy aimed at offering the most integrated marketing campaign automation solution on the market is being favorably received by marketers. Our permanent concern to satisfy our customers and to do this in symbiosis with our partners enables us to provide solutions that are perfectly in tune with the real needs of the market,"commented André Lejeune, CEO of Selligent. "We are aware that this positive development is thanks to the loyalty of our customers and partners, who remain the finest ambassadors for our solutions."
In addition, 2012 saw the signing of new partnership contracts, bringing to 50 the number of marketing agencies in Selligent's network."Building strategic and durable partnerships with marketing agencies that are not only users but also influencers is a major area of development for Selligent. This is why we remain attentive to our partners and strive to develop intuitive and powerful solutions to help them provide specific and scalable responses to customer needs,"he added.
Security was also a key goal in 2012, a year in which Selligent obtained ISO 27001:2005 certification for information system security management. Selligent has thus validated the security of the tools and processes it uses to produce its services for customers and partners, and has proven the efficiency of its offer in terms of security.
Recognition was the key word as we moved into the new year, with the creation and launch of the Selligent Awards. This international initiative rewards the best interactive marketing projects based on Selligent solutions. The first awards went to Dutch drugstore chain Kruidvat (Jury Award and Marketer's Voice Award), and Crédit Foncier, a leading player in France in real estate financing (Special recognition by the jury), for its daring approach in implementing digital dialog logic, an approach that is far from being fully exploited in this sector.

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