Marketing Automation Software Vendor Selligent Unveils Ground-Breaking New Features at DMA 2013

(CHICAGO, IL, BRUSSELS, BELGIUM), OCTOBER 10, 2013 - Selligent, an international vendor of data-driven multichannel marketing software, will announce the latest release of its 4-in-1digital marketing platform at the DMA 2013 annual conference in Chicago.  The new release includes ground-breaking customer intelligence, behavioral profiling and targeting features specifically designed to help brands and agencies better meet their needs.

In a market served primarily by USA software vendors including Adobe Campaign and Responsys, Selligent is Europe's leading provider serving over 400 brands in 11 countries and 50 marketing agencies and service providers. In early 2013, Selligent opened its first office in New York City to serve a growing list of potential clients and agencies in North America. 
In June 2013, the Company gained the attention of USA marketing software industry observers when Gartner Research included Selligent for the first time in its May 2013 Multichannel Campaign Management Magic Quadrant.
Selligent's latest release provides data-driven marketers with a unique and innovative solution to bridge the gap between digital and relationship marketing, allowing them to achieve unmatched conversion rates. The new release includes two new ground-breaking capabilities:

  • Selligent Customer Intelligence: provides a visual customer analysis dashboard enabling marketers to uncover hidden customer segments, predict their behavior and design more revenue-producing marketing programs.
  • Selligent Behavioral: utilizes big data to create and monetize actionable profiles with precise targeting across channels enabling marketers to optimize lead nurturing and conversion.                                                               

"Our software product is like a sports car that's fun to drive in the city but leaves one wondering how it would perform on a race track," said Andre Lejeune, Selligent's CEO.  "We know that in the USA, with its high level of marketing innovation, marketers at agencies and brands need a more robust solution that enables them to deliver real revenue results on the clients' race tracks. Selligent's new release was designed specifically for them."

For more information on Selligent, stop by Booth 825 at DMA2013 or view our presentations at DMA2013 Congress.

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