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Podcasts are a great way to communicate information and thought leadership.
Plus, isn’t it fun to listen to a podcast as you’re on a run or training at the gym, or learn about the latest marketing trends during your commute? Here at Selligent Marketing Cloud we get it.

Getting Serious about Omnichannel Marketing Jun 2019

Most brands and retailers — over 90 percent, according to recent research — have an omnichannel marketing strategy, or plan to adopt one. But around 50 percent rate their ability to deliver good omnichannel experiences as average to poor, or even very poor. DMN Editor-in-Chief Kim Davis, Selligent's Kat Berman (Head of Global Enablement) and Jo Bosman (Website and Mobile Personalization Evangelist) discuss not only omnichannel strategy, but detailed points of execution — from identity resolution to contextual messaging, and from website pop-ins and pop-ups to campaign optimization.

Omnichannel Marketing

Find out more about Alexei Kounine Feb 2019

Alexei Kounine, Selligent Marketing Cloud's Director of Innovation, explains how he got started in the field of artificial intelligence for marketers. Alexei is a self-described technology enthusiast with a particular interest in data science, machine-learning and SaaS. Prior to Selligent, he was the co-founder and CEO of TasteHit, a startup developing AI-powered marketing tools for online retailers, and before that spent 6 years at Cisco.

AI & Machine Learning

About Selligent Cortex (long) Feb 2019

Selligent Cortex delivers relevant AI-driven predictive analysis for messaging, campaign creation and more. In this podcast interview, Alexei Kounine, Director of Innovation, gives us a detailed overview of Selligent Cortex's capabilities and some examples of the benefits it can provide to marketers. To find out more about how your brand can use artificial intelligence for smarter marketing, explore our website or watch this video

AI & Machine Learning

About Selligent Cortex (short) Feb 2019

Listen to a brief podcast interview featuring Alexei Kounine, Selligent Marketing Cloud's Director of Innovation. In this extract, Alexei gives us a brief overview of Selligent Cortex, and what it offers out of the box for your brand's marketing communications. To listen to the full conversation, link here: [link to full podcast interview].

AI & Machine Learning

AI vs Machine Learning Sep 2018

Confused about the difference between AI and machine learning in marketing? While you might've heard both terms in your most recent conference, they're often used broadly and sometimes (falsely) interchangeably. Listen as Alexei Kounine, Selligent Marketing Cloud's Director of Innovation, as he explains the key differences.

AI & Machine Learning

What Selligent Cortex's AI Capabilities Can Do For Your Marketing Jul 2018

Despite the many voice-controlled personal assistants out there these days, the marketplace is full of apps and tools that promise to offer ‘artificial intelligence’ but fall short of delivering the goods. In this podcast interview, we consulted our resident expert Alexei Kounine, Director of Innovation at Selligent Marketing Cloud, to find out what the biggest misconceptions surrounding AI are and the real benefits that you should be looking for.

AI & Machine Learning

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