Create online experiences that matter with dynamically generated content on your website pages, forms, and campaign landing pages. Quickly launch and customize personalized content integrated into your site that transform for each individual based on their profile and behavior. Tailor experiences, even for anonymous visitors, based on their in-session activity and leverage that behavior to personalize in other channels.

Key Benefits

Site Personalization

Use Selligent Marketing Cloud’s intuitive UI to match content to customer. Make complex rules  with our guided workflow and drive what, when, and why each visitor is served the most relevant content for them.

  • Personalize entire pages or isolated content blocks based on real-time activity from both known and anonymous visitors
  • Online behavior is automatically captured to enhance your customer’s profile making them eligible for new content
  • Trigger timely personalized pop-ups, pop-ins and banners that drive urgency and engagement
  • Embed AI driven recommended products, offers, and articles to up-sell with suggestions in real time

Simple Content Creation

Our drag and drop editor helps making publishing landing pages, surveys and online forms easy for the non-technical user.

  • Get access to pre-built templates or create your own from scratch 
  • All pages are responsively designed by the system to ensure an excellent experience across any device 
  • Content blocks are universally accessible from the asset library for use online and in other channels without repeat production effort 

Tracking and Analytics

Selligent Marketing Cloud’s website tracking and analytics lets you see who is visiting, how often they come and what they are looking for when they arrive.

  • Understand your visitors’ behavior by using tags to track pages viewed
  • Use reporting segments to get insight into each individual website visitor
  • Identify known and unknown customers
  • Understand key web metrics such as visit frequency, engagement, recency, conversions and traffic sources
  • Link your external CRM data to enrich your consumer insights 


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