CDP & Universal Consumer Profile

CDP & Universal Consumer Profile

Leverage the power of a purpose-built CDP to synthesize all consumer data into universal consumer profiles that can be harnessed in your marketing.

Our purpose-built Customer Data Platform (CDP) is designed to accept data inputs from all the different channels modern consumers engage on. Using our customer data platform, you can easily generate a “super profile” for each contact so you can analyze and target precisely with no need to manually merge data from different sources. You can seamlessly capture and leverage all activity from your websites and cross-channel communications to enhance customer profiles. Selligent Marketing Cloud serves as your operational marketing database, allowing you to analyze and activate your on-domain browsing history, personal data, purchase data, online behavioral data, response data, and other supplied data sets – simply and cost effectively.


Key Benefits

Universal profiles that tie all data back to the individual

Selligent Marketing Cloud associates the data from each customer touch point with a Universal Profile that shows when, where, and how individuals are experiencing your brand during each interaction.

We go beyond your CRM system to include all relevant data types, including behavioral and situational data in order to provide you with a 360-degree view of your customers.

Flexible data management

With our robust permission control system, you can ensure appropriate access to all roles within your organization and control update cycles and backup routines that meet your business requirements.

Easy integration with multiple data sources

We offer three types of integration to make it easy for you to integrate with your existing systems and databases:

Real-time APIs: These are easy to use and customize, allowing you to respond to immediate events, such as adding new members, triggering an order confirmation, or updating loyalty points.

Self-service interface: This enables you to quickly configure batch transfers, including scheduling, formats, and logic, which are ideal for sending large data sets.

A suite of pre-built connectors: Create seamless integrations with a variety of popular third-party systems.

Schema that can be easily modified on-the-fly as your program evolves

We understand that your data needs will change over time, so that is why our data model enables you to add and delete tables, modify import and export processes, change the way your data is captured and leveraged – all directly through the customer profile management interface.

Automatic updates of all clickstream and behavioral response data

Ensure every message you send matches your customer’s context in the moment by instantaneously adding clickstream data from your website, mobile, email and call center to the profile.

Easily change the customer experience in real-time based on every click and ensure you never miss a sale