Powerful B2C Marketing Automation

Selligent Marketing Cloud enables full B2C Marketing Automation to engage customers across all critical channels.

Omnichannel Execution

Easily launch integrated campaigns and quickly identify cross-channel opportunities by using one platform for all outbound marketing. Instantly react and reinforce messaging to every consumer, on any channel and in real-time.

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AI And Machine Learning

Selligent Cortex brings you AI user engagement capabilities across all channels. Our learning algorithms will analyze your data in real time and remove the guess work from your consumer data.

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Open Architecture and Integrations

You can count on Selligent Marketing Cloud being flexible, scalable, and secure. Our data models are designed around your schema and can be easily modified via a marketer-friendly interface as your programs evolve. You can also use the interface to modify our open API architecture and robust ETL to ensure a seamless integration. Need to connect to external systems? No problem. We make it easy to configure connectors to key partners and third parties.

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Email, Website, and Mobile Personalization

Easily nurture more profitable customer relationships with relevant messaging to each person’s current context. With Selligent Marketing Cloud you will be able to deliver personalized data-driven content in the moment and across all channels by tying real-time behavioral data to each individual consumer profile.

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Behavioral Retargeting

Track and gather on-domain browser data in real-time with proprietary tracking tags that create profiles for anonymous visitors and identified customers alike. With Selligent Marketing Cloud, you can use simple, guided workflows to analyze and define your audiences based on their actions, purchase history, or CRM profile data – and retarget those audiences in your lifecycle campaigns based on the rules you establish.

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Universal Consumer Profile & CDP Capabilities

Easily generate a “super profile” for each contact so you can analyze and target precisely with no need to manually merge data from different sources. You can seamlessly capture and leverage all activity from your websites and cross-channel communications to enhance customer profiles.

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Reporting and Optimization

Understanding your campaign performance is instrumental in helping you significantly boost your ROI. At Selligent Marketing Cloud we help you ensure that every single interaction you make is optimized throughout the customer lifecycle journey. Our analytic dashboards and responsive design tools reveal how your audience is consuming your content so you can meet their expectations, every time.

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