Analyze, optimize, convert

Identify opportunities for improvement and do more of what works best with complex testing tools and automated retargeting






Make the most of the data you collect. Selligent helps you use information to increase conversion with our suite of automated tools.


A/B multivariate testing

Even small improvements add up. Optimize email, landing pages, and site content with our intuitive testing features. Set up test parameters and automatically deploy or post the winning strategies.

Dynamic content/personalization

Speak specifically to each person and increase the chances that they will respond. Achieve contextual relevance through personalization by understanding your customer in the moment of the communication. Automate the creation of individualized messages using the data in your unified customer view.


Automate personalized retargeting through the tracking of customer activity. Respond in real time to both identified and anonymous site visitors as they browse. Trigger personalized messages following a site visit to draw them back. Precisely match a person to a message.

Communications Cadence

Don’t lose track of your contact frequency. With so many communications across so many channels, it’s easy to overload a customer. Selligent offers you options to set limits and prioritize by channel to ensure you maintain acceptable thresholds and reduce fatigue.