Foreach is a specialist in all things web. We are a technical company that can rely on the expertise of a team of 30 people.  Our core business is the design and development of websites, web applications and web platforms.  As a project organisation we focus on large web platforms and projects. We even go beyond web and venture into mobile, tablet, e-mail marketing technology, social media, etc.

We are geared towards building long term partnerships based on trust and credibility. That is why we have become the only or the most important development partner for our customers (e.g Mediafin, Resto and others).   We want our customers to truly enjoy working with us.

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Selligent is one of the most complete digital marketing solutions and the best price/quality offering in the market. That’s why Foreach is proud to expand its successful collaboration with Selligent into a strong partnership. The combination of Selligent’s high-quality platform and Foreach’s software development and integration skills allows us to jointly offer a solution tailored to every customer.

Jan Nuyens, CEO

Foreach offers 

Foreach is a technical company that works with Selligent on different levels like setting up mail flows and creating templates, but more importantly integrating platforms with existing applications,custom development and service.

Foreach and Selligent both have a cross media focus and are very complementary(integration expert with hands-on mentality combined with a high quality web platform). This partnership offers our customers the possibility to combine custom development with a qualitative digital marketing platform, which can be a real added value in achieving an effective digital marketing strategy. 

We are project based organisation that focusses on flexibility and customer involvement. As a result Foreach is the only or the most preferred development company for most customers especially for those whose core business is online. 

Why Foreach?

  • We have a varied team of technical (Selligent) experts;
  • We have a broad range of people who know the platform and can work with the platform on different levels (design, front end, back end);
  • We focus on the integration and implementation of business applications;
  • We deliver support on the platform;
  • We give hands-on advice;
  •  We offer attractive credit packages.

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