Cmotions is an independent consulting firm with a focus on optimizing marketing and sales. This means achieving a balance between customer value i.r.t. the value that the organization offers to its customers.  Cmotions consultants are professionals with a passion for fact-based marketing and analytics. Marketing intelligence, predictive analytics and decision support belong to their core competences. Our consultants help organizations to attract, develop and retain valuable customers. They have in-depth knowledge and practical experience in many sectors. The acquisition, processing, recording and analysis of (customer) data for marketing and sales processes is a core activity.
Contact: Nico Kuijper, Managing Partner

CMotions Offers 
Cmotions provides marketing and business intelligence consultancy and implementation services on strategic, tactical and operational level. We help our clients to convert data into knowledge and knowledge into action by analyzing granular data and by implementing the results of this analytical work into actionable marketing programs and campaigns.

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