Bisnode is a Swedish company founded in 1989. Present in 19 European countries, it has 3,000 staff. Bisnode is Dun & Bradstreet's main partner in Europe and offers a range of solutions for marketing and credit and business information. Bisnode provides decision-support services for decision-makers.

Knowledge of the individual is key to CRM. With the help of its 180 experts and exclusive repositories, Bisnode helps identify, understand, segment and enhance advertisers' data making it more fluid and easier to use to win over prospects, increase customer loyalty and build up a long-term relationship with these customers.

Bisnode helps advertisers define, implement and monitor their CRM/PRM strategy.


Bisnode Offers 

Transform data into customer knowledge to help businesses communicate with their customers by:

  • ensuring they always have a Customer base with the right contact information (postal and email addresses, telephone numbers...) to facilitate communication.
  • providing them with useful and relevant information about their customers
  • working for but also with them to manage and set up their communications to their customers.

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