Alchemetrics Ltd

Alchemetrics build, host and manage open Customer Data Platforms that connect businesses to individual customers and help marketing teams unlock the insights and value promised by modern 1:1 customer engagement.  Speed to market is key and so our enterprise level technology stack delivers analytics, reporting and engagement in real time.

Our team of industry experts bring together a modern blend of strategists, data scientists, technologists, analysts, creative designers and campaigners.

Placing a strong focus on compliance and governance, the team have a clear understanding throughout the business of the value, risks and opportunities associated with collecting, connecting and managing customer’s data.

Partnership Overview

The collaboration at all levels of both organizations has been key to the partnership from day one.  Everything from strategy to loyalty to comms planning and execution the value we place on the partnership with Selligent is enormous. 

Working with Selligent allows us to deliver greater flexibility to our clients through a unique approach to modern marketing that allows us to harness all the great insights we can unlock in the data to drive much better brand experiences for our client’s customers.

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