WAISSO is a digital agency specialized in marketing relationship management. We support and advice our customers in implementation and execution of their digital strategies B2C & B2B. We provide services about :

  • Campaign Management : tool implementation, marketing plan strategy, campaign run
  • Acquisition Management : SEO, SEA, SMA, CRM-Onboarding,...,
  • B2B Lead Generation : ABM, inbound marketing, landing pages...,
  • Social Management : tool implementation, editorial strategy, listing, community management,
  • Data Management : web analytics, CDP / DMP, data quality & Customer Identity Access Management

Partnership Overview

Waisso is a digital marketing agency with consultant team certified to work on Selligent suite.

We are able to provide throughout the life of a project advices, from drafting the specifications to the marketing automation tool implementation, going through the helping the choice of the solution.

We support also our clients through all the marketing topics around Campaign Management tool like campaign execution, contents / html design, data segmentation, generate new recipients / leads, or maintain technicaly the Seligent platform.

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