Raare Solutions

Raare Solutions LLC is an award-winning Operational CRM Agency specializing in the design, execution and support of CRM and Marketing Platforms, Campaign Orchestration, Email Execution and Analytics. Trusted with some of the most valuable customer data in the world for brands such as BMW of North America, MINI USA, Rolls-Royce Motorcars, Ferrari North America and Lindblad Expeditions, organizations come to the Raare Team to envision, conceive and execute customer acquisition, engagement and retention programs.

Partnership Overview

Selligent Marketing Cloud provides a Platform to connect the multi channel experience: Marketing eCommerce, Mobile / Connected Devices & Customer Service capabilities. Raare Solutions executes the vision by executing: Customer Journey Design, Campaign Orchestration, Marketing/CRM Operations & Creative Agency Services.

While SMC provides the platform to connect with customers, Raare Solutions provides expertise in creating and customizing orchestrated campaign and designing and deploying email campaigns.


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