We are Xeed - The retention company.

The Dutch online marketing agency specialized in online marketing questions and customer loyalty. We create sustainable and measurable digital solutions. Tools that effectively contribute to business goals.

We believe that current customers are the essence of growth.  The solid customer base of people you can count one. That is why the starting point of all our digital and online services is:Customer first!We build strong long-term relationships between organizations and their customers. Based on extensive customer insights.

Resulting in retention - Customers that would like to come back to you. And bring their friends.

MijnHyundai.nl is the exclusive online service for Hyundai drivers. This platform enables Hyundai drivers to check their car data 24 hours a day and profit from relevant services and personal offers. Meanwhile Hyundai gets to know the customer better and better, because of the valuable customer insights the platform delivers.

Xeed offers smart digital strategies and total solutions within the online domain.

 Internet is an instant source of innovation. Twitter. Google. Digital TV. Facebook. Keep up the pace! We help you to cope with (and benefit from!) the rapidly changing online environment. Get to know your customers by collecting customer insights. Build sustainable customer relationships with our customer loyalty programs. And develop digital tools that effectively and measurable contribute to business goals.

 Combining interactive communication technology and creativity. That is our unique strength.


Xeed offers 

Xeed offers to you an endless amount of possibilities including:

  • Customer loyalty programs and contact strategies
  • Collection and application of customer insights
  • Campaign and social media management
  • Branding and business consulting
  • Building and implementing digital tools

Content: Jelle Holdinga, Manager Marketing Communication

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