Golden Eyes

Golden Eyes

Created in 1997, Golden Eyes is a leading company in the CRM sector, serving retail companies on the basis of two key areas of expertise:

  • Publication of a cloud computing management portal, interfaced with information systems, consolidating customer data to create a 360° view (retail, e-commerce, mobile, etc.) and steer marketing actions (sales operations, campaigns, reporting, etc.).
  • Providing companies with CRM advice and support in the operational use of their customer data (analyses of customer profiles, behavior, activity, creation of sales action plans, segmentation, targeting, cleaning and enriching databases, etc.)

Golden Eyes Offers

On the strength of their very complementary expertise, Golden Eyes and Selligent, both players in the marketing services market, have decided to join forces to support their clients with increasingly complex marketing strategies.

The Selligent Interactive Marketing software has therefore been interfaced with the Be-One CRM portal to bring companies end-to-end functional coverage: from management of customer databases to the automation of multichannel marketing communications.

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