Our response

Now more than ever,
digital communication is key

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As a company comprised of hundreds of employees with many different nationalities spread around the globe, we are very much aware of our responsibility towards both our employees and indeed society at large.

With that in mind, we are encouraging and supporting all our employees to work in a manner that is best for their health and safety, and we have taken steps to enable remote working for everyone whose local or personal situation necessitates them to do so.

We are fortunate to have already invested in creating a business set-up that supports remote working, so we are confident that this move will not significantly impact our employees, clients, and partners.

Our Business

As a business entity, we are part of a global economy that is taking a serious hit. While the repercussions of COVID-19 are deadly serious, we believe that the best thing we can do to make a contribution, is to try and keep business on track as best as possible, to support the businesses we serve and our own valued employees. We are executing a Business Continuity Plan, as defined per ISO 27001 certification for our clients and partners.

We also believe that digital channels are now more important than ever. With physical interaction set to be curtailed for the foreseeable future, marketing technology will play a key role.

In a world where supply chain issues are setting in, due to high demand for certain products, logistical delays, or even manufacturing closures, keeping folks informed is crucial. By keeping customers updated on stock, estimated delivery times, and making them aware of why the delays are happening and what they can expect, MarTech providers like us can play a key role in reducing frustration levels and reducing friction in the global economy.

Understanding that many of our clients are sending mission-critical messages across multiple channels in the coming weeks and months, we remain more committed than ever to ensuring we continue to deliver a robust product and excellent service and we will strive to be there to support our clients and partners as best we can.


Team Selligent.