August 2020

Journey Enhancements

Custom Events and AB Components in Custom Journeys are features that were introduced in previous releases but were behind a feature toggle, and hence, only available for customers for whom it was explicitly activated. Within the Oroblanco (v4.5) Release, both features will be activated for all clients.

Random Split Component

The Oroblanco (v4.5) Release introduces a Random Split Component for splitting audiences in a Custom Journey. This component can be used with any of the Entry or Event Entry Components as the starting point, and several Random Split components can be used in a single journey. Journey paths following the split can include different types of message such as email, mobile messages, or SMS. There is no concept of automatically testing the performance of different versions of a message and selecting a winner.

Users must split the entire audience, and the split percentages must total 100%.

Google Customer Match Enhancements

Previously, it was only possible to match a Selligent user with the Google Custom audience by the email address of the contact. To increase matching rates, the Oroblanco (v4.5) Release supports using a combination of other contact information such as phone number, first and last name, ZIP and country codes to find the matching record.

Note that if you want to match contacts on postal address information, you also need to use the first name and last name in your matching criteria as Google requires these fields to match the ZIP and Country code.

Support of File Attachments

The Oroblanco (v4.5) Release supports file attachments in email messages. This new option is available from the Attachments panel of the components panel for a message.

By default, PDF and TXT file extensions are allowed. These are defined in the settings per tenant and can be altered when required. If the file path contains a file extension different from the default, a validation error is returned.

When an attachment is added to the email, personalization fields can be used to allow users to attach personalized files.

Enhancements in the Segment Management

In the Segments section for an audience, you can create a new static segment from an existing segment. The Oroblanco (v4.5) Release requires that the existing segment and the newly created segment must both reside in the same folder tree (Organization vs. Global).

For example, it is no longer possible to create a new static segment in the Organization folder by selecting a static segment that resides in the Global folder. Similarly, when creating a static segment in the Global folder, only static segments in that same folder tree can be used.

Fly-Out Menu Enhancements

The fly-out menu now shows items that have been pinned by the current user as favorites, allowing users quicker access to the assets they use most. A Star icon has been added to the toolbar to access these assets. Favorites will combine marked assets from all chapters.

Smart Audiences Enhancements

When configuring a Smart Audience for use as a segment in either Campaign or SMC, the ID field is no longer visible. This is a technical field that is only used for internal identification and has been removed from the configuration screen.

General UX Enhancements

Several UX enhancements have been made within the Oroblanco (v4.5) Release.

The Selligent bot, introduced within the Lilly Pilly (v4.2) Release, is now displayed when a 404 ‘Page Not Found’ error occurs.

The old Admin tool has been renamed to Campaign Reporting to make a clear distinction between the new Admin Configuration tool and the tool that mainly contains reports. This is visible from the Modules section, from the Permission in the new Admin tool, and from the Campaign Reporting tool itself.

On the Overview page of Lists, Content, and Journeys, and on any of the record tables in the application, action icons are by default hidden and only show when hovering over the entry. This allows for a simpler overview screen and keeps the marketer’s focus on the folders and assets.

API Enhancements

A new method has been added to the API: Extend Retrieve ORG API with other linked terms with organization

Other Enhancements

The newest mobile iOS SDK 2.4 has been released on GitHub. This is needed for Rich Push messages, introduced in the Nungu (v4.4) Release. The corresponding documentation has also been updated.

The MS Dynamics SDK has been upgraded to version


All material previously found in the Learning Management System has been converted to video format and published to the Learning section of the Online Help and the Selligent Client Portal.