April 2020

Admin Configuration

Selligent Marketing Cloud Admin Configuration has now been moved out of its existing portal natively into Selligent Marketing Cloud. As well as aligning the look at feel with the rest of the platform, now users have more direct access to configuration options through more intuitive navigation.

Users which have Administrative Rights assigned can access Admin Configuration by clicking the gear icon in the bottom left hand corner of Selligent Marketing Cloud.

Navigational tabs allow users to switch between Organizations, Deliverability, Access Management, Global Settings and Data Integration. Within each of these areas, more navigation tabs enable users to edit or delete specific settings.

Groups & Permissions

Within the Lilly Pilly (v4.2) Release we introduce the concept of “User Groups” to Selligent Marketing Cloud. Instead of configuration permissions for each user, administrators can manage permissions at group level, then assign users to groups. This creates greater efficiencies when creating new users in Selligent Marketing Cloud, or defining new permissions.

Within the new Admin Configuration added within this release, users can click the gear icon in the bottom left hand side, then select Access Management from the navigation tabs. Here tabs enable Users to be added, then with Groups assignment of the relevant users to set their correct level of permissions.

Custom Events Enhancements

Custom Events Lists which were introduced in the Kumquat (v4.1) release enable triggering event-driven journeys. Within this release these can now be paused. Within the journey, an indicator has been added to the Custom Event Component to show the journey has been paused visually for the user. Options have been added to enable the user to choose whether unprocessed records are to be deleted or processed when the Custom Event is moved from Paused to a Run state so that the journey can resume.

Content Block Enhancements

Content Blocks now are rendered in Design Mode providing users with a more realistic preview whilst a user is creating their Email Message in Selligent Marketing Cloud within the Responsive Editor. Note that this feature is only activated upon request.

Data Selection Enhancements

Within the Lilly Pilly (v4.2) Release we an additional option has been added to Data Selections to “Allow match data selection items without a language”. When the checkbox is selected multi-lingual marketers with non-specific language content can avoid duplication of effort by having to create different language content variations. Leveraging this option removes the possibility to use with the manual selection of items in the message. For this reason, the options “Select existing items” and “Add new items” are automatically unchecked when “Allow match data selection items without a language” is selected.

Template Variables allow users to personalize messages based on values they enter. These Variables can be used as Personalization Fields or to define Visibility Constraints. This release now also allows the use of Variables in Data Selections Matching. When used, they act as the criteria that needs to be matched for a record to be displayed. One example use case might be using a Repeater in a template, where the Variable used might be Product Category, with the value “Dresses” entered. The message will only display Product Categories containing that value within the message.

Selligent Cortex AI Enhancements

To leverage Selligent Cortex AI features, a product catalog is required. When this catalog contains a large number of items, it is difficult for users to quantify the validity of the data. To help determine the quality of the

catalog, new metrics have been added to the Product insights page. At the top of the screen, the total number of items, the number that are active and those that have been deleted are displayed.

In addition, users can filter the products displayed by whether they are active or deleted. Note that a maximum of 10.000 items are displayed. Only items that have interaction ratings will be shown.

Lastly, when defining a filter for Smart content, users can now use operators for numeric fields such as “between”, “Greater Than” and “Less Than”. These operators allow testing a numeric value of the recommended items against a fixed value or the value of the context item (e.g. only show products worth between $40 and $50).

Introducing the Selligent Bot “Selli”

Starting from this release, our new bot, “Selli” will welcome users to the Selligent Marketing Cloud Login page and will keep them informed on important messages.

In future releases, the Selligent bot will gradually find its way in other areas of the Selligent Marketing Cloud tool to help provide meaningful feedback to users. In this release, Selli’s first appearance other than the Login page will be within Heatmap reports. When the Heatmap report cannot be displayed, Selli will display the reason for the report not being available to enable fast resolution.

General UX Enhancements

The List Usage panel now contains left and right scroll arrows to enable users to scroll between list types supported in Selligent Marketing Cloud.