This document describes the standard support and service levels that apply to Selligent’s Subscription and Support Services, unless Specific Terms for a Subscription Service provides otherwise.

Section 1 describes the service levels of the Subscription Services.

Section 2 describes the service levels, availability and channels of Selligent’s Support Team.

Section 3 describes the conditions for security audits and/or vulnerability assessments.


Client undertakings

Client is aware that:


The SLA only applies to production platforms; there is no SLA on Pre-Production platforms.

The SLA is not applicable when service levels are not met due to:

Escalation procedure

Any matter that cannot be resolved by Selligent’s standard support procedures will be escalated by e-mail to Selligent Support Manager.

Section 1: Subscription Services

Service Levels

This section describes key indicators that are used to measure the quality of the Subscription Services. Indicators are calculated per instance.

The Central Monitoring System will request a representative webpage to be (configured at initial configuration) periodically 24h – 7d/7d – 365d/365d and store the results to calculate the indicators described below, i.e. (i) Platform Availability and (ii) Average Platform Response Time:

Selligent Platform Availability Formula

To verify that the service is up and the application is running correctly, the Central Monitoring System will test the retrieval of a scripted page. The test fails if the page contains errors (HTTP status different from 200) and/or if the Platform Response Time is above 2.000ms. In cases where two or more consecutive tests fail, service downtime will be registered as the number of minutes between the first recorded downtime and the first recorded uptime. The Platform Availability is measured every 60 seconds by the Central Monitoring System.

The Platform Availability Objective is as follows: 99.5% or a maximum cumulated downtime of 220 minutes per month, excluding Maintenance.

The following credit note % applies in case the Platform Availability Objective is not reached for a given calendar month:

Platform Availability Credit note percentage on the monthly subscription fees due for the Subscription Services for the given calendar month
<99.4% 10%
<99.2% 20%
<99.0% 30%

All claims must be submitted by email to [email protected] at the latest 14 calendar days after the end of the month during which the Platform Availability falls below the Platform Availability Objective.

Selligent will acknowledge receipt of claims within 2 business days. Selligent will inform Client at the latest 10 business days after the receipt of the claim whether the appropriate credit note will be issued or the claim is rejected specifying the basis for such rejection.

The credit note will be subtracted from the invoice relating to the next billing period of the Subscription Services.

Maintenance & Upgrades

Scheduled Maintenance is required to ensure platform availability and performance:

Urgent Maintenance – On rare occasions, Selligent might be forced to initiate an intervention without prior notice. In such a situation, Client will be informed on the status and expected duration of the operation as soon as possible. These interventions are exceptional and should not occur more than 4 times a year.

Upgrades – Upgrades are periodic updates to the various components of the Subscription Services, including, but not limited to regular features updates, minor bug fixes, patches, and/or major updates. Upgrades will occur periodically, as needed, throughout the Term on a component by component basis. Upgrades are expected to have a very limited, if any, impact on the Subscription Services, and any downtime experienced as a result of an Upgrade is specifically excluded from the Platform Availability Objective calculation. Major updates will be announced from the Platform login page.

Backup – Backups are moved to another data center (offsite backup) to protect against a catastrophic failure in the primary data center.

The overall backup includes the database backup and the backup of app/web server files. Different schedules apply as the database changes more frequently than the files on disk.

Section 2: Selligent Support

Support Requests

All “Support Requests” for the Support Team should be created using the “create ticket” function on the support portal ( Client will receive credentials to log on to the client support portal throughout the duration of the Subscription Term.

The default language used on the support system is English, but the Support Team will answer tickets in the incoming language where possible.

The support system can be used to report two types of Support Requests:

The online help and the eLearning platforms are available in case of functional questions. However, information and assistance request, questions on how to use the Services, best practices, general information can be addressed to Selligent as provided for in the Sales Order.

The system supports four levels of priority. The priority level is initially assigned by the Client but can be re-evaluated by Selligent based on the content or the urgency of a request. The delivery of a temporary solution might decrease the priority level of a ticket.

The table below gives an overview of the type of Support Requests and the accepted priorities:

  Business Critical High Normal Low
Defect Report Y Y Y Y
Change Request N Y Y Y

Note: Business Critical and High priorities are only available for Support Requests related to production platforms.

Support Channels / Availability / Activation

The support portal is available 24/7/365, including week-ends and holidays.

During Office Hours, the Support Team is in the office and Support Requests are monitored as they come in.

The support hotline can be reached at (+32 11 82 20 45) and is available 24/7/365, including all weekends and holidays.

Service levels

The table below gives the Response Time for the different ticket priorities.

  Response Time
Business Critical 1 hour
High 2 hours
Normal 1 day
Low 3 days

When submitting a Support Request, Selligent Support Team will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide the first response within timeframe mentioned hereabove. Selligent will use commercially reasonable efforts to diagnose the problem and provide a remedy that could take the form of eliminating the defect, providing updates, or demonstrating how to avoid the effects of the defect with the Client using a commercially reasonable level of effort. Despite Selligent’s exercise of commercially reasonable efforts, not all problems may be solvable. If the Support Request cannot be solved within a commercially reasonable timeframe, Selligent Support Team will initiate internal escalations for Business Critical and High priorities Support Requests and will prioritize the repair of product defects encountered. The Client will be kept informed of the evolution via the support portal. Client’s designated technical resource must be available to collaborate with Selligent Support Team during the resolution process.

Section 3: Security audits & vulnerability assessments

Selligent runs regular security and vulnerability audits but the Client has the right to audit the technical and organizational measures put in place by Selligent to protect Client’s personal data, whereby the house rules of Selligent and its subcontractors, the confidentiality of other Selligent Clients and any additional legal requirements will be respected.

Any type of security / performance scanning on the shared infrastructure is prohibited without written approval from the Selligent Information Security Officer. Client may request this through their CSM. Shared components (firewalls, file servers, …) cannot be polled using external monitoring tools.

A vulnerability assessment or security audit can be allowed if:

Vulnerability assessments and security audits may not include any of the following:

The assistance that Selligent gives in order to facilitate the afore-mentioned audits or to analyse the results will be invoiced at the agreed upon rates for Support Services (see Sales Order).

Archived Selligent SLA

Selligent Standard Support & Service Level Agreement 28/02/2020 – 21/10/2021

Selligent Standard Support & Service Level Agreement 31/10/2019 – 27/02/2020

Selligent Standard Support & Service Level Agreement 22/06/2018 – 31/10/2019