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Transforming Customer Acquisition with Relationship Marketing

“Less is more” is the new customer acquisition mantra. Top marketers use relationship marketing techniques to zero in on the right audiences and use data to engage unknown consumers with relevant messages. Want to learn their tricks?

Save your spot and join in the live discussion with marketing experts from Selligent and Fluent to learn:

  • Relationship marketing techniques for boosting customer acquisition and loyalty

  • Three types of acquisition and proven tactics for each

  • Data strategies for finding and engaging high-value customers

  • Tips, best practices, and actionable advice drawn from leading brands

Register today to learn what all relationship marketers should know in this new age of customer acquisition.

Date/Time: Tuesday, 2/28 at 11am (PT) / 2pm (ET)



  • Fluent: Kelly Patterson, Director of Product Marketing

  • Selligent: Kat Berman, Product Marketing

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