October 2019

Dashboard Navigation Enhancements

To improve the UX for accessing Reports and Dashboards, Categories have been introduced within the top navigation bar within the Reports Overview screen. When a category is selected, all dashboards associated with that category are displayed to provide a simpler navigation experience. Furthermore, a new fly-out menu has been introduced which resides on the left-hand Reports icon. This allows quick access for users to navigate the report categories and launch within the menu without loading the chapter.

Cadence Management Enhancements

The Cadence Management tool has been enhanced for higher transparency for users.

When a sending reduction occurs for messages that have already been sent, the reason for reduction is now displayed as a tooltip when you hover over the lock icon, or that no calculation is available where no numbers are available.

Asset Management Enhancements

Asset management tasks such as moving an asset or folder locations is now possible from the fly-out menu. Multiple assets can be moved by holding down CTRL and selecting the desired items to move. When assets or folders are moved using this method, the user is notified when the move is completed.

Content, Journeys, Lists Overview Screen Enhancements

In the Content, Journeys and Lists overview screens users can now perform a sort based on a selected display column. When the user navigates elsewhere and returns, the selected sort remains in place to improve the UX.

Removing Languages Warning

Now when a user attempts to remove a language that is being used in messages or journeys they are presented with a warning offering them the option to cancel the request, or continue to delete the language with awareness of the implications enabling them to make better informed decisions through this newly defined validation.

List Enhancements

When creating relationships between lists, now in addition to using numeric or text fields to match, long fields are supported to create the relationship link between the two data entities.

Mobile SDK Enhancements

Our Mobile SDK has been updated to provide support for iOS13 on Apple Devices.

API Enhancements

A number of API enhancements were made in the Guava release, including assigning an API Name to Imports and Exports, so they can be called via the API. This also supports them being able to include imports and exports in a batch task. Users can also now filter by type when retrieving relationships. Wave components can also be included for API-based Single Batch Journeys.

Recurring Batch Journey Enhancements

When creating a Recurring Batch Journey, users can now sort contacts using a defined field in Ascending or Descending order to select the top x records. This is in addition to the capability being made available previously for Single Batch Journeys and Custom Journeys.

Top / Sample Component Enhancements

Within this release, the Top Component has been renamed as Sample Component after expanding its capability beyond selecting top n record to include its ability to perform random selection to determine samples of an audience included within a journey.

Bulk Precedence Header Support

To improve deliverability on Google domains and increase Inbox placement, it is now possible to add a special header to your bulk emails: the Google Precedence Header. By adding this header, Google considers this email as a non-spam email. The feature must be activated explicitly for your environment to be able to access it in the properties of an Email Component in a Custom Journey as well as in the advanced properties of a Single Batch Journey or AB Journey. You can choose to always add the header (On), never add the header (Off) or add it automatically when more than 5000 emails are sent (auto).

Export Message Links

Users can now within a message choose to export all links using the toolbar in the links panel. All links are exported to a CSV (comma separated variable) file. This allows them to verify that all of the used links redirect to a URL quickly. As it is possible to link at journey level, for example to another journey, only the name of the link will be exported.

Email Content Editor Enhancements

A number of changes have been made to enhance the UX of our email content editor within the Guava release. These changes reduce the differences between working with our content editor in design mode and preview mode, for better overall content creation experience.

Live Content Enhancements

The Barcode component has been extended within the Guava release to now support Code 128 barcode types.