Marketers of leading organizations including A.S. Watson, Albert Heijn, Dutch Railways, KPN, Nuon, Unilever Food Solutions, UPC and Vodafone rely on our two hundred marketing and IT professionals, using state of the art proven technologies, to improve their marketing performance. Together with InBetween Marketing Services, aFrogleap and Oxyma Interim we are part of Oxyma Group.

Selligent offers a comprehensive toolset for marketers that want to maximize customer value through customer interactions via multiple touchpoints.  Lars Crama, Business Development Director

Arjan Grootenboer, Managing Director Consulting Services

Oxyma offers 

We believe smart, data driven marketing is the key to great customer experiences, increased customer value and sustainable business success. 

Our mission is to enable marketers to continuously improve their marketing performance, by helping them with more effective dialogues and efficient communication processes.

We translate data into actionable customer insights. We design, build and run customer processes. And we manage omnichannel customer interactions that make a difference.

Areas of expertise:

  • Customer insights
  • Customer processes
  • Customer interactions

Services include:

  • Data analysis - translating data into actionable customer insights
  • Marketing performance improvement - Continuously improving effectiveness and efficiency of your campaigns
  • Selligent Campaign Management - Designing, building and operating smarter campaigns
  • Selligent Virtual Support Team -  Adding remote skills and capacity  to your CRM organisation.
  • Selligent System Integration - Integrating Selligent in your business processes


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