Kinepolis Group, una catena consolidata di sale cinematografiche belga, che gode dei tassi “Clicca per Aprire” (CTO) e “Percentuale di Click” (CTR) più alti grazie all’utilizzo di test A/B sull’email marketing.




Turismo e Hospitality




The Customer

Kinepolis has 344 screens and over 20 million customers for whom they deliver unique flexible entertainment experiences.

Kinepolis had previously focused on building preference data on their customers to propose relevant recommendations. But the emails delivered weren’t attractive and didn’t convey “movie magic”.


The Challenge

They wanted to improve the experience, while still keeping the production process simple.

Marketers aren’t developers and they needed to be able to change the look, the links and the layout without technical skill.

Templates also had to be flexible enough to support conditional versioning for specific audiences.

Plus the content was variable. The templates had to offer marketers the freedom to promote different numbers of movies, add topics, and contests – whatever was most important for that campaign.

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