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Davy Fraussen

Davy Fraussen

Head of Selligent Learning


Davy Fraussen is Head of Selligent Learning. Davy has been working at Selligent since 2011, when he started as a team leader of the web and campaign. He now acts as a solution expert across global regions, working together with several partners and clients. His experience spans all technologies that support the delivery of omnichannel orchestrated customer experiences and advanced personalization. Prior Selligent, Davy spent two years at Ordina as a .NET developer.
Outside of his professional life, Davy enjoys travelling, drinks/food, and sports.

Immagine di un certificato di Selligent Marketing Cloud, rilasciato ai clienti e ai partner dell'azienda che completano i requisiti per la Certificazione Selligent.

Certificazione Selligent

Jul 21, 2020  News-ed-eventi

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