Oracle BlueKai Connector

Our BlueKai Connector synchronizes both data and attributes from your BlueKai DMP with Selligent Marketing Cloud’s platform to enable users to drive highly personalized marketing messages.


Key Benefits

  • Enrich data in Selligent Marketing Cloud’s platform with third party data from BlueKai for better audience segmentation in omnichannel marketing campaigns.
  • Enhance data residing in BlueKai with data from campaigns in Selligent Marketing Cloud’s platform.
  • Retrieve segments created in BlueKai to be used in journeys.
  • Combine third-party website data from BlueKai with first-party web data from your own websites to generate a complete view of the consumer’s browsing to target specific inbound offers or outbound campaigns to consumers.


BlueKai is the industry's leading cloud-based big data platform that enables companies to personalize online, offline and mobile marketing campaigns with richer and more actionable information about targeted audiences.

BlueKai's Data Management Platform (DMP) centrally organizes a company's customer and audience data in the cloud to help implement personalized marketing campaigns across all channels and deliver better results and higher marketing ROI. BlueKai also runs the world's largest 3rd party data marketplace to augment a customer's proprietary data with actionable information on more than 700 million profiles. Approximately 300 customers across multiple industries rely on BlueKai to maximize their marketing investment.