CM Connector

WhatsApp is indispensable to the customer journey. In each step, consumers turn to messaging. With over 1.5 billion consumers on WhatsApp in 180 countries, the WhatsApp Business solution now opens up a world of opportunities to get in contact with customers, reduce pressure on customer service and minimise friction on the path to purchase.

The WhatsApp Business integration in Selligent Marketing Cloud allows you to send outbound notifications and start a conversation on the channel your customers prefer.

Key Benefits

  • Reach 5 billion people globally by SMS and WhatsApp
  • Send and receive SMS and WhatsApp messages directly from Selligent Marketing Cloud
  • Rich content support for sending and receiving pictures, documents and more

The platform connects brands and enterprises to mobile phones worldwide. Amongst their Messaging, Voice, Payments and Identity solutions, provides a smart combination of messaging channels, interactive voice solutions, and Europe’s most innovative payments solutions. By connecting to the platform for the WhatsApp Business Solution, you’re opening the world of opportunities for conversational commerce. The communications platform (CPaaS) can be used via API and Web app. Their services are used by almost 10.000 businesses for better marketing, better sales and better service.