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Selligent Marketing Cloud is a marketing automation platform that enables B2C brands to engage consumers across all critical channels.

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Omnichannel Execution

Easily create multi-step journeys and link behavior across all channels

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Email, Website & Mobile Personalization

Harness real-time contextual data to execute powerful personalization 

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AI and Machine Learning

Enhance product recommendations and leverage consumer intent

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Customer Loyalty Playbook

Looking for more digital marketing tips and best practices to improve your brand's customer loyalty? Download Selligent's Customer Loyalty Playbook for best practices, tips, and real-world examples that will get your customers excited.

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The Selligent Back To School Marketing Playbook

For many industries, back to school is the holiday season before the fall and winter. How can a brand stand out, while still taking advantage of this moment? Find out how brands like Camper, JBC, and CoolBlue craft unforgettable experiences for their customers, powered by Selligent.

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Tear down the walls holding back your omnichannel marketing success

With native AI capabilities, a robust data layer, and a powerful omnichannel execution engine, Selligent Marketing Cloud enables marketers to easily target, trigger, and deliver highly personalized messaging across all critical channels. Find out what's holding back your brand's omnichannel ambitions and how Selligent Marketing Cloud is primed to support your goals quickly, efficiently, and profitably.

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White Paper

How to Balance Consumer Desire for Sustainability and Convenience

More and more consumers are paying attention to sustainability claims from brands. Here’s how Selligent Marketing Cloud can help companies can break through the noise.

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The Case for Personalization

Here’s the reality for retail marketers today: personalization is no longer an option. It’s the key to keeping your customers engaged – and spending. Brands that get it right stand to gain tremendous wins in customer engagement - and customer spending.

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M CUBED: The Modern Marketing Model

There are two certainties in life: death and change. The problem with change today is that it has never been faster.

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Case Study

Build.com: Battling abandoned shopping carts with dynamic customer journeys

By focusing on reducing abandoned cart rates, the marketing team at Build.com succeeded in increasing average order values (AOV) by as much as 28 percent and increased the percentage of carts to orders (CTOs) by 12.6 percent using Selligent Marketing Cloud.

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Missouri Star Quilt Co.: A leading quilting supply company uses targeted abandoned cart emails to recapture sales

"Selligent Marketing Cloud’s email automation capabilities and dynamic content features let us easily recapture customer attention with tailored, relevant customer experiences. Not only are we able to reduce abandoned cart rates with strategic messaging, but we know that we’re delivering useful content that customers can act on in a timely and frictionless manner." Cheyanne Hefley, Email Marketing Manager, Missouri Star Quilt Co.

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TAO: Leveraging strong mobile brand experiences to power excellent customer service

Find out how TAO uses Selligent Marketing Cloud to leverage mobile app data and boost individualized customer experiences, no matter what channel customers are on. Going a step further, TAO's customer data is also seamlessly connected to in-house call centers and customer service departments, meaning TAO customers are guaranteed to receive service-relevant updates when they need it, directly in-app.

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