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Selligent Marketing Cloud strives for the highest standards in personal data privacy and security. Data Protection – It’s part of our DNA

Since its founding in Brussels in 1990, Selligent (now Selligent Marketing Cloud) has operated under the mantle of the European Union’s strict data privacy laws and continues to adhere to high standards where data privacy and data security are concerned. Selligent Marketing Cloud partners with its clients to store their data in accordance with their needs and the regulations they are subject to.

Selligent Marketing Cloud is proud to be an omnichannel marketing provider addressing the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements over a year in advance of implementation by being awarded with ISO 27018 certification in Europe. The certification, the standard for protecting Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in the cloud, was set forth by the International Standards Organization (ISO) and requires adherence to regulatory requirements on the protection of PII. The certification attests to the security of Selligent Marketing Cloud’s internal information systems and data, and ensures that requested protocols are in place to protect against data loss for companies working with Selligent Marketing Cloud.

Selligent Marketing Cloud became ISO 27018 compliant in Europe a year and a half before the GDPR deadline - not because the guidelines appeared on the horizon – but because protecting the privacy of our client’s data is deeply engrained in Selligent Marketing Cloud’s history, company culture, as well as in our products and work processes.

How Selligent Marketing Cloud Enables Privacy Compliance

We invest in obtaining top certifications

Demonstrating ongoing commitment to the protection of our client’s private data and that of their customers is a priority for Selligent Marketing Cloud. These certifications are further confirmation that Selligent Marketing Cloud adheres to high security standards, and that data privacy lies at the core of its values and philosophy.

  • ISO 27001 and ISO 27018 certifications – Selligent Marketing Cloud is certified in ISO 27001 and ISO 27018 in both Europe and the United States.
  • Selligent Marketing Cloud is certified under the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework – Privacy Shield Certification supports transatlantic commerce between EU and the United States to provide companies on both sides of the Atlantic with a mechanism to comply with GDPR’s data protection requirements.

We offer options to keep data secure

  • Encryption - When handling data imports and exports, Selligent Marketing Cloud employs ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) logic using batch processing tasks over SFTP, FTPS, etc. Files can be unzipped and decrypted (PGP) by the processor. We also offer secure rest API transmission.
  • User access control and fine-grained access control - Selligent Marketing Cloud has rigorous processes and security controls in place, including: physical access controls, denial-of-use controls, data access controls, data transmission controls, data entry controls, subcontractor controls, availability controls, and separation controls.
  • Shortened data retention and data minimization - Selligent Marketing Cloud is able to configure the platform to suit your data storage and purge requirements.
  • Ability to host data in EU if a requirement - For our EU customers, data is hosted in Europe by default. Clients outside of EU have the option to house data in Europe.



We offer monitoring and records of processing activities

  • Selligent Marketing Cloud offers continuous monitoring and robust intrusion detection to ensure that our best-in-class security is constantly maintained.
  • Auditing and monitoring of data movement – Selligent Marketing Cloud can provide detailed sets of logs. Platform user and API activities are captured, supporting this audit and monitoring processes.

We provide the tools for clients to manage various privacy requirements such as when data subjects:

  • Request to obtain detailed information from the data controller in a structured, machine-readable format.
  • Ask for data to be rectified and/or erased.
  • Ask to not have certain web and app based behaviors tracked for personalization and targeting.

Selligent Marketing Cloud gives you the tools to manage consent and permissions

  • Flexible forms - The Selligent Marketing Cloud Forms Module is designed to enable forms to be built by those without design experience. Rules and constraints that govern who sees the page, and which content is driven for each page’s users, are set up in a similar way to how dynamic content and segment selection are used throughout the tool.
  • Flexible, self-service database structure - Selligent Marketing Cloud sits on an open, relational database model. The structure of the data model can be fully tailored to a client’s specific requirements and allows the addition of new fields without the need for professional services intervention.
  • Connection to your service teams – Selligent Marketing Cloud’s open, relational database model makes it easy to connect with many different CRM systems. Selligent Marketing Cloud also offers its own proprietary application, Frontline, to help make customer service easier via customizable agent forms.

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Disclaimer: The content on this webpage is intended to share views on market good practices. This content should not be construed as legal advice nor relied upon for legal compliance purposes.

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