May 2021

Engagement Metrics and Interest Tags

Optimize your marketing campaigns and improve engagement with micro-personalized targeting. Engagement Metrics and Interest Tags give you aggregated interest data on each of your customers which you can use to improve your segmentation, messaging, and ultimately, allow you to better understand your customers on an individual level.

The Engagement Metrics functionality leverages relevant data on your customer’s interactions, activity, and device usage which can then be used for enhanced audience filtering and personalization in your email messages.

Interest Tags are used to identify your customer’s top interests based on the number of clicks on a tag, empowering you to optimize your messaging and achieve more powerful segmentation. Simply define your own tag lists in the Admin Configuration and then tag links in your messages to begin measuring consumer interest.

With Engagement Metrics and Interest Tags you can:

  • Enrich customer profiles and improve customer understanding through visibility into individual-level interest and engagement metrics. ​
  • Achieve more powerful segmentation by targeting consumers based on aggregated interest data.​
  • Optimize content and messaging by identifying audiences with an affinity towards a specific tag.​
  • Improve deliverability by segmenting your audience based on their recent engagement.

Journey Enhancements

As you may remember, we introduced the Delivery Optimization Component for Single Batch Custom Journeys in our last release. This release now enables the Recurring Batch option. This allows for optimizing the send time of emails sent at a daily recurring interval, ensuring your emails are at the top of the inbox when your customer is most likely to engage.

Mobile Enhancements

It’s not uncommon for a company to have more than one mobile app, either to support multiple brands or for parallel development and testing. As these scenarios often use the same audience, we have made it easy to support multiple mobile apps that share an audience. You can now link different mobile apps to the same audience list from the same or a different organization. When building the mobile message, simply select the app you want to target, and the data from the app and Devices List can be used for personalization.

Dashboard Improvements

We’ve made it easier to track revenue on interactions in different currencies. You can now view revenue information in the currency of the customer, making it possible to aggregate revenue metrics without doing any manual conversions. All metrics are logged in their original currency with the exchange rate of the day, and then for reporting purposes, converted automatically using the stored conversion rate and shown in the tenant currency before being aggregated on various levels.

Platform Proficiency

We are always updating our Online Help to continue to help you learn about our tool and build creative and effective marketing campaigns. Here’s what we’ve recently added:

  • To enable you to fully take advantage of the new Interest Tags feature, a course has been added to the Selligent Marketing Cloud Learning Center. In this course, you will learn how to set up the feature and create a proper Tag strategy. Keep an eye out for more use case videos for both Engagement Metrics and Interest Tags soon!
  • New Use Case videos have been created for Event-Driven Custom Journeys, Recurring Batch Birthday Offers, and Unsubscribe Subscription Management.
  • We’ve added a new functional description for Selligent Marketing Cloud. This is a high-level introduction to the features offered in SMC.
  • The Services center now supplies a technical document for our WhatsApp integration and the PDF merger.